Parents' Corner

Parents will always be the ones playing the most important role in their child’s upbringing and education which is why we strive for parent-teacher cooperation.

We are open to all suggestions that would improve the quality of our daily activities, make them more innovative, rich, fun, educational and creative..

Aside from the regualrly scheduled parent-teacher meetings, parents have individual meetings with their child's teacher once a month.



Vesolje malčkov kindergarten is registered as a provider of programs in the field of education and training with the Ministry of education, science and sports. That makes parents/guardians eligible for a municipal subsidy based on salary grade and the municipality of residence.

The municipal subsidy for our kindergarten is 85% of the subsidy for public kindergartens of the specific municipality.

The full price of our kindergarten program is € 540 and it includes board.

Absence: For the first day of child's absence, the full price is charged, unless the absence was reported a day in advance before 8 am in which case we will reduce your bill € 3.70 per day.

Application form: link.


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